Corporate Clients

For executive offices and public spaces, we can suggest unique or original artwork and wall treatments, as well as accessories, sculpture, and murals in keeping with your priorities and aesthetic. Our extensive library of artists puts you in touch with the best in classic and contemporary art. CR Davidson’s business clients span small, mid-size, and large companies, and we have experience collaborating with committees, boards, and other decision-making groups.

Inventory Evaluation

We are experienced in archiving and inventorying extensive corporate art collections as well as residential art holdings. CR Davidson can professionally research, categorize, and assess artwork condition and value according to your needs. We will determine accurate valuations for insurance record keeping, damage claims, charitable contributions, inventories, liquidation, and fine art acquisitions.


Art collections should be reviewed regularly for maintenance conservation to protect their value and refresh their appearance. We can identify pieces requiring conservator attention, whether works on paper, canvas, sculpture, textile, or mixed media. Using specialized conservationists, we will oversee cleaning, repairs, de-acidification, touch-ups, varnishing, sculpture polishing, updates with archival materials, and other services.


Professional art installation in both business and residential settings ensures that your artworks are displayed in the most visually pleasing and practical manner for standing, sitting, or passing through your space. In public spaces, security mounting is essential for safety and protection. We have decades of experience with the specialized techniques required to install everything from multi-piece salon style wall statements to textiles, glass, ceramics, 3-D artworks, and sculpture. 

Custom Frame Design

Proper framing presentation not only enhances artwork, it elevates the quality and distinctive style of a business or residential environment. CR Davidson has 40 years of experience designing custom framing treatments, including replicating vintage period frames which can echo the architecture of any space. We can also choose standard frame styles for collections to unify an area by style or color without detracting from the artwork. We recommend using archival materials to protect works on paper from damaging light and atmospheric concerns. Our framing techniques can stabilize the shape of canvas works, protect textiles and dimensional artworks from handling, and provide many other long-term benefits. 

Curatorial Services

CR Davidson has curated many exhibitions for educational institutions, galleries, and a wide variety of art shows. We have researched and selected artworks for public exhibition spaces and acted as a juror and/or judge for many regional art exhibitions. Our expert knowledge in the appropriate choice of theme, medium, and artist, tailored to conform to project goals and space restrictions, is integral to each project. CR Davidson currently curates a quarterly art installation at The Renaissance Gallery in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward.


We can commission large-scale sculptures, wall murals, thematic paintings, and other artworks according to your needs. As art consultants, we manage commission projects seamlessly from inception to delivery. Our role includes examination of proposed spaces, presentation of various art forms, pre-selection of artists for client input and approval, supervision of works in progress, and final professional installation.

Wisconsin Art Specialist

For over three decades, CR Davidson has specialized in Wisconsin art. Working with large corporations that decided to feature living Wisconsin artists, we gained deep knowledge of the Wisconsin arts community. Through visits to studios, regional exhibits, and galleries, we’ve formed relationships that represent a wide array of artistic styles and client options. We are committed to supporting and featuring talented, local artists wherever possible.

Residential Clients

We can assist residential clients with art acquisition, custom framing, placement, installation, and conservation, as well as one-of-a kind commissions. CR Davidson will work with you on a single piece of art or your personal collection. We can professionally evaluate your holdings, educate about specific artworks, and suggest how to best merge new selections with existing art to add value and interest. As consultants, we are well-versed in an array of mediums, artists, and periods, and we will connect with other experts or perform additional research if needed. We often work with our clients’ space planners to create or coordinate specific areas according to your personal tastes and preferences.

Institutional Clients

When choosing artworks for health, education, or hospitality sites, there are many practical concerns to consider such as cleaning, maintenance, safety of materials used, height/width placement, and protection. We address these concerns by selecting artists, mediums, and installation techniques which fully accommodate the institution’s criteria and standards. CR Davidson Art has worked in many institutional fields and has expertise in finding solutions to any art-related challenge.